Photo Image by Sam Wheeler

Who would have thought that beach cover-ups have become so fashionable. There are a wide variety of cover ups to choose from and here are a few suggestions to help you.


Kraftans are easy to put on, just over the head. It’s very simple and comfortable. It can give you a little bit of shape at the waist where the the ties are.

Maxi Dress

These are perfect to wear on the beach. The fabrics are breathable so it’s convenient for the hot weather. These come in different styles from halter to straps to a low cut and more.


If you want something fun yet suitable for the heat then go for a playsuit. Like the maxi dress this comes in a variety of styles. If you like to wear shorts this is an alternative to the dresses.

Midi Dress

If you would like an alternative to a maxi dress then a midi dress is perfect. It has still has the coverage and style, only difference is a midi dress comes below the knee length and the maxi dress is full length.


There are other types off cover ups to mention like a mesh hoodie or sarong or even wide leg trousers. If you feel comfortable wearing a skirt then go for a sarong if you would like something more comfortable for you then trousers are your next best thing.