It’s finally cold enough for sweater weather!!

That time of year has finally come where you can just wear sweaters it’s cold enough unlike last month where it still felt like summer?! This sweater weather will not last that long however, it gets colder day in and day out. Here are just some ideas of where you can get those cosy sweaters from, of course you can get sweaters anywhere but these are just a few of my favourite retailers.

1. Pull & Bear

They have an amazing collection of knits and sweaters year on year. They have a mixed collection of vintage styles, slogan sweaters, thick knits and more. I love their styles and it’s not that hard to find ideas on how to wear them as each item is differently styled. Click here to check out their website.

Pull & Bear – £19.99


2. Topshop

This is probably one of the many stores you may go to already. Whether you are just having a browse or buying something. In their collections right now they have so many knit jumpers differing in styles and colour as well as prints. You have linear, animal and colour block jumpers. If you love a pop of colour check it out here.

Topshop – £32


3. Urban Outfitters

If you love sports brands like Fila, Champion and Adidas then you will love this store. It contains those brands mentioned as well as their own brand. Again, the designs vary from oversized, cropped to big sleeves. It almost has a vintage feel to the clothing as well as the store and you like that click here.

Urban Outfitters – Gestuz Melbow – £150

4. H&M

It’s not the first places I go to but for basics they are amazing. They have quite a neutral palette with some off tone colours which are in season right now. They are super affordable as well which is great! If this is your style click here to check it out

H&M – £24.99

5. Stradivarius

If you are looking for basics and some fun prints take a look at this store. Its colour palette is almost the same as H&M mainly neutrals with mustard and pinks. They have quite a few embossed sweaters as well as the teddy bear style sweaters. If you want to take a look click here.

Stradivarius – £19.99