It’s amazing to see how many nail trends there are. It’s almost Autumn and time to add more trends. Some of these you would have seen from before and some are new. Here are my 5 favourite nail trends for autumn.

1. 3D Accents


This is quite a playful trend, it’s very creative and it looks aesthetically pleasing. However, this isn’t very practical depending on what you get. The design ranges from something small like a gem to fringes that hang off your nails or metal chains.

2. Texture


There are a variety textures in nail polishes out now that maybe you want to experiment with the colours and texture. It’s interesting combinations that make your nails unique to others.

3. Half A Nail


This nail trend is very similar to the half moon trend except this is straight at the halfway point of the nail. It almost looks like you just dipped the tip of your nail in nail polish. Since our nails are neutral colours it’s easy to apply any coloured nail polishes.

4. 2 Tone Motif

You can come up with a variety of designs with a 2 toned motif. It’s easy to mix and match colours that would go together. It creates an interesting design that’s easy to create in the comfort of your own home.

5. Design On Top


This is the most common nail trend you’ll see, why? Because it’s easy to create and you can come up with a variety of designs. You can use nail polish or nail stickers or even nail foil.