Recently my I’ve been seeing quite a lot adverts of Coach on my Instagram. I got quite intrigued and saw that they partnered up with Selena Gomez this summer.

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1. Kisslock Crossbody In Glovetanned Leather With Colorblock Car Print

This bag is so unique, it’s full of designs from the bag to the tiniest of details. I find the print interesting and unique. I love the tassels on the zip which we have seen has been quite popular this year. I’m more intrigued by the handle because of the leather and chain detailing. This is great to wear with casual clothes or even semi-formal clothing and pair it with some heels.

Coach – £650

2. Dakotah Satchel In Glovetanned Leather

This bag is great for work or even going out to meet friends. It’s very simple colour wise and that makes it easy to pair up with different coloured clothing. I like the shape of the bag it’s quite stylish. The bag has quite a wide base so it’s great for fitting in a lot of things.

Coach – £695

3. Rogue Bag 25 In Glovetanned Pebble Leather

I like this bag because it has structure. I find that this kind of shape everything keeps in place. An example is a bottle I would like it to stay upright rather than to the side where it could possibly leak. This bag is great for the fall because of the colour. This is great for casual clothing with a light coloured coat which makes the bag stand out more.

Coach – £650

4.  Dinky In Coach Link Glovetanned Leather

This bag can only carry your small essentials like purse, lipstick etc. This is best if you aren’t carrying too much, almost close to the bare minimum. It’s also great to take with you at events if you want to stand out and make the bag a statement piece, this is because it has a really interesting embellishment on the front of the bag that is so eye-catching.

Coach – £650

5. Duffle Shoulder Bag In Glovetanned Pebble Leather

I love this bag because it looks like its an on the go bag. Something that you can put on when you’re in a hurry. I love this colour it’s not too bright if you wanted to branch out with colours this one is a great one. The bottom of the bag is big enough to fit quite a few things which are always great when you have a lot of essentials you like to take with you.

Coach – £595