There are 3 different type of eyeliner, even though it can seem like there are so many as we see so many advertisements for them all the time. They fall into 3 different types; pencil liners, liquid liners, and gel eyeliners.

I’ll be breaking down the 3 different types of eyeliners and their best uses.

Pencil Liners

Boots – Dior – £20.00

You get two types of pencil liners one is Kohl and the other is Kajal liner. The difference between the two is what is it made out of. Kajal eyeliner is made from natural ingredients and soot whereas Kohl is made from unnatural ingredients such as powders and pigments. Kohl and Kajal are best to use for that smokey eye and smudge effect. Kajal is usually used on the water line and kohl used as you would an eyeliner.

Liquid Liners

Boots – Smashbox – £18.00

Liquid liners come in two forms such as a pen or a pot. Liquid liners are best to use for winged liner as they have tips where it allows you to be precise. Whilst, a steady hand for the application is needed as it can be hard to remove. Unlike a pencil liner, you can’t just blend it or smudge it. You would have to use a Q-Tip and makeup remover to remove it. Liquid liners also have a shiny look to them unless it says that it is matte.

Gel Liners

Boots – No.7 – £8.50

Gel liners also need a steady hand, however, you can mark out easily before you apply it onto the eyes. Gel liners tend to come in a small pot and a brush. You can get multiple types of brush ends. You can get angled brushes or very thin brushes. Gel liners are buildable, you can intensify the color as preferred and work with the thickness