Image by: Jay Wennington

Most of the time when we buy swimwear we look at the most attractive pieces, the ones that stand out the most to us. What we don’t realise is that there are different types of swimwear that complement our body shape. These are just some ideas of what to go for.


Curvy is when you have full everything from the bust to the butt, from thighs to the hips.

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The best swimwear for girls who are curvy are monokinis this is because it helps with the support and coverage you may need. It also helps to highlight the bodily curves. There are many different designs of monokinis. An example is if you want to show more cleavage then wear a monokini which has a halter neck.


The pear shape is just like how the fruit is, the curviest parts are our hips and thighs, whereas our upper body is smaller.

For those who have a pear-shaped body, there a number of swimwear that would suit you. If you wanted to have more coverage then the best for you to wear is high waisted bottoms with a bikini top. If you don’t want coverage then the best for you to wear is a bikini with bottoms that have coverage but has a thin band, this is because it draws attention to the area you want to cover.


An apple shape is almost the opposite of a pear shape because the shoulders are wider than the hips, but also, from hips down everything is smaller.









The best swimwear for you girls who have an apple shape are monokinis, one piece and high waisted bottoms. The best kind of monokinis and one piece swimsuits are the ones which have wrap detailing and ones which has shirring at the waist. This creates an illusion of a smaller waist.


This is when your bodily figure is straight more than curvy.

For those ladies who have straight/athletic bodies, fear not there are many swimsuits that you can wear to give an illusion that you have curves.  The best swimwear to look out for is frills and ruffles which gives an illusion of a full bust or butt. It’s a good idea to wear print as it gives an illusion of dimension whereas a block colour won’t. Less coverage on the bottoms gives a full looking butt.


The hourglass shape is how it looks. The bust and hips are relatively the same sizes whereas the waist is much smaller.

For those who have an hourglass figure, the best types of swimwear are high waisted bottoms, bikinis and monokinis. The types of styles to go for are halter tops, colour block swimsuits and maybe some detailing to bring attention to the small waist.