Image by: Jerry Kiesewetter

It is tempting to bring all your the make-up you use when your back home but it’s better to pack light and let your skin soak up that vitamin D from the sun.

The make-up you use at home is more suited for the weather at where you live so going to somewhere hotter will just melt your make-up. So I’ve given a list of makeup essentials that you may want to bring with you and sticking to less make-up means you can make space for more clothes!!!

Tinted moisturiser

© Clinique

If you want to have a light coverage and a moisturiser all in one product then use a tinted moisturiser. Make sure to get one a shade darker as you will be tanning on holiday and by the time you know it there is a big difference between your face and your whole body. This is perfect because it’s a two in one product, it’s less time to consume.

BB cream/CC cream

© Garnier

If you want a somewhat light to medium coverage then BB creams and CC creams are great. You get the coverage that’s perfect for the heat but also you get other beneficial aspects of having SPF, it hydrates the skin plus more.


© Revlon

This is great if you really don’t feel like having any coverage at all and you just want to cover some blemishes and dark circles.

Eyebrow Product


I would never leave the house without doing my eyebrows. Depending on which you prefer I would go for the product that gives you natural looking eyebrows. Since this is pretty much an almost natural look.


© Clarins

It helps the eyes pop when you’re not using eyeliner. The best kind to wear is waterproof, if you want to dip into the pool or the beach this is great because they’ll stay on as they are waterproof.

Lip balm

© Benefit

Go easy on the lips and use a tinted lip balm, this just helps to moisturise the lips especially if you are going somewhere hot.  If you want to protect your lips from the sun then use a lip balm that has SPF.

If you are planning to go out in the evening and you want to dress up a little bit then how about these products.

Highlighter and Contour stick

© Dior

It’s very convenient for those who travel to have a duo ended stick like a highlighter and contour stick. You can use it as normal but also you can use it for eyeshadow, it may come out creamy but if you want to create a matte effect then use some powder.

Lip and Cheek Tint

© Benefit

It’s the best of both worlds when you can get two products in one, not only does it save space but it has two purposes. This would work great using a liquid formula but this works just as well by using your lipstick if you don’t have a liquid formula.