Image by: Gabriel Ghnassia

Sunburns can really suck if you’re on holiday. These are just some care tips to help with minor sunburns these can also be used for more severe sunburns to help soothe it but it must be checked out at the doctors as soon as you get back from your holiday.

If you are prone to getting sunburn then it might be worthwhile to buy some of the things mentioned so that it’s less hassle for you when you are in a foreign country and less stress.

1. Take a cool shower or bath

Sunburns do get sore and warm which can lead to itching so take a cool bath/shower to help cool it down or hold a cold flannel over the area.

2. Aloe Vera moisturiser

If you can find a moisturiser with Aloe Vera in it that would be great as Aloe Vera can provide relief from itchiness and the moisturiser just helps to hydrate the damaged skin.

3. Clothes to cover the skin

It is best to wear clothes that can cover over the sunburn to prevent even more damage to the skin. It is best to wear something that is loose to prevent more irritation to the area and preferably something that is tightly knitted.

4. Sun Cream
The skin is already damaged, the best way for it to not get worse is, of course, the application of sun cream to keep it protected. For extra protection, it is best to follow the advice on the sun cream bottle.