When you go on holiday you probably don’t think much about keeping the same routine as when you’re at home. One because there is no time since you’re out and about. Two that’s the last thing on our mind. So here are quick tips to keep your skin care routine short and simple but effective.

1. Sheet Masks

These are great for long-haul flights. The skin does get dehydrated so the best thing to use would be a hydrating sheet mask. It usually comes in flat packaging so perfect for your hand luggage. Sheet masks are also just as good if you’re going somewhere hot if you feel like your face can do with some hydration then just pop on the mask and you’re good to go.

2. Face Wash

It is important to bring a face wash with you. Just like you would at home you should still give your face a gentle wash in the morning and at night too. It helps to clean the face of dirt and other things.

3. Sun cream & After Sun Lotion

These are both essentials to bring if you are going somewhere hot. Following the instructions on both bottles. Do not underestimate the sun as it will have a serious effect on your skin if you do not bring these essentials.

4. Moisturise

Being in a hot climate can dehydrate your skin even when you drink plenty of water. So it is important that you use face moisturisers just like how you would at home. If you can get face moisturisers that have an SPF, it would be even better. This way you know your skin is protected.