From the last post, I went to Olympia to see the Pure London Exhibition for upcoming trends for AW 17/18. I came across some brands that stood out to me during my visit to the exhibition. Photos aren’t allowed to be taken for specific reasons so I’ve added the link below for each of the brands so you can all see what their designs look like. You can find about them in their about us pages so just click on the link.


What was so intriguing about this Brand was the designs of the dresses. They were so feminine yet some of the dresses had interesting silhouettes. They had very creative designs and I love the fabrics they had on display. But one thing for sure they had a lot of embellishments on the garments.

Beyond Retro

When I saw this brand they had many bags on a show and what was so interesting was these are 100% recycled even the zips are recycled from clothing. An example is that it could be made from denim jackets. What I really enjoyed was that some of the bags were fun and playful with it having eyes than a zip as a mouth. I think this is a great way of recycling fabrics to reduce waste.

Syomirizwa Gupta

The print on the clothes are so interesting, but also the shapes of the garments too. I find their design very chic. My favourite pattern would have to be the one full of faces. It was just a black drawing of multiple of faces on a white fabric. It’s just something new and interesting that you don’t really see.