Here is a little background before I went on and studied Fashion Foundation. I was in sixth form wanting to go and study Fashion at university, however, I had only completed it at an As level which prevented me from getting what I needed to get into university so I went to study fashion foundation for a year then I went on to studying Fashion at university. 

For my Final Major Project, I wanted to do something based on camouflage and disguise, I researched both animal forms and human forms. I needed initial research so I went to different museums as well as a zoo. From then I decided to look more into animal camouflage and try out different techniques to create something that could look like camouflage/disguise but on clothes. I was designing for womenswear Spring/Summer 18/19 sportswear collection. The techniques I looked into were fabric manipulations as well as print. I ended up doing a few bits of embroidery as well and that’s where I found the technique I wanted to use for my final pieces. I based my final outfit on tennis and applied the embroidery technique to it. My work was mainly paper-based so I have included different boards, my sketchbook work as well as the photoshoot.

Here is the photoshoot of my final outfit.