These are the Top 7 trousers to have in your wardrobe

Instead of wearing jeans all the time why not swap and wear trousers, or wear trousers as alternatives to other bottoms. Different trousers create different shapes and silhouettes which is very interesting. They can make a statement by wearing it with a plain top. Sometimes jeans can get a bit boring so why not try some of these trousers.

1.       Cigarette trousers

From left to right: Topshop £22, New Look £22.99, John Lewis £45

I like how cigarette trousers can be styled as both casual and formal depending on the fabric it is. It’s almost tight fitting but not quite. So if you want something close to skinny jeans these are the perfect alternatives.

2.       Wide leg trouser

From left to right: Topshop £42, New Look £24.99, Forever 21 £24

This type of trousers can be cropped or full length. Wide leg trousers are good for spring/ summer season, it creates a very casual vibe.

3.       Palazzo trousers

From left to right: Zara £25.99, Topshop £55, Forever 21 £19

Palazzo trousers are similar to wide leg trousers. The only difference is the Palazzo trousers have extreme wide leg flares. This is also good for spring/ summer but mainly for summer as this is usually made of lightweight and breathable fabrics.

4.       Culottes

From left to right: Zara £29.99, Topshop £30, New Look £19.99

These are usually knee-length trousers or just a bit longer. This would look nice paired with a white top and a pair of loafers.

5.       Printed trousers

From left to right: Topshop £50, Zara £25.99, John Lewis £135

Depending on the print the trousers can look casual or semi-formal. But it’s a nice way to add a decorative element to the trousers.

6.       Cropped trousers

From left to right: Zara £19.99, New Look £19.99, Forever 21 £11

These trousers are good if you don’t want something full length or knee length it comes just in between. It’s very casual and it can be paired with anything.

7.       Peg trousers

From left to right: Topshop £56, John Lewis £40, Oasis £40

Lastly, peg trousers are very casual and sometimes they can have a fabric belt around the trousers. depending on the fabric it is made out of it can be casual or semi-formal.

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