Whether we like it or not winter can cause our skin to break out just as much as in summer.

Winter breakouts can be caused by a lot of things, wearing hats and scarves and not washing them on an occasional basis. Another is the change in weather and temperature, it can cause stress to the skin. With the change of weather, we want to get cosy and warm, this can cause dry air which can dry out our skin, this leads to a build-up of dead skin and clogs up our pores. Another factor could be stress and lack of sleep which can make our skin look dull. So here are tips to help battle the winter breakouts.



Use a gentle cleanser and don’t cleanse more than you have to.



Reduce the number of times you exfoliate but still do it to remove dead skin so it doesn’t clog up pores.



Keep your skin hydrated by moisturising daily in the morning and at night. If you want to go further, then I would suggest buying an oil as part of your skin routine to help moisturise the skin. Also, you can buy hydrating sheet masks too help as well.

Drink plenty of water


Keeping you hydrated from the inside will help you keep hydrated on the outside too.

Wash pillowcases, hats and scarves


Washing these occasionally can help reduce the build-up of oils and dirt on them which means a happier skin.

Sleep more


If you are lacking in sleep then I would say sleep more, not only does it reduce heart diseases and other medical implications but it can make you look more radiant as it boosts blood flow to the skin.

Too much sugar


Reduce the intake of the sugar as it can activate inflammation.



Humidifiers add moisture to the air, it helps soothe dry skin. Some humidifiers are also diffusers so you can just buy an oil and add it to the diffuser to give your room a nice smell to it.