Drink water

The best and most obvious way to keep your body hydrated is to drink plenty of water!!! Add some fruits/ lemon or some mint to add flavour to your drink if you’re not into drinking water or even have some green tea, this can also help your body detox.


The cold can make our skin very dry and flaky as well as our lips so the best way to combat this is to moisturise your body after a bath or after washing your hands. An added bonus is that it makes your skin feel very soft. Use a lip balm or a chapstick to keep your lips nice and soft. To keep the skin extra hydrated why don’t you take the extra step and moisturise at night as well.


The cold can make our skin very dry and peel. To avoid this exfoliate lightly at least 2-3 times a week depending on your skin type, to get rid of those dead skin cells. For your body use a loofah or a body scrub. After using a body scrub your body usually feels like it has been moisturised, but take the extra step and moisturise anyway.

Warm baths/ showers

Taking a warm bath/ shower can keep a little more moisture on the skin as opposed to taking a cold bath/shower. There are many benefits of taking a cold shower but for the winter it may be best to have a warm bath/ shower. On the other hand, a hot bath has it’s good points too but as you know hot water opens up your pores so unless you have a quick cold shower after then you’ll be prone to breakouts.

Lower salt intake

To keep your body hydrated on the outside is to help your inside have the right amounts of sodium intake. Too much sodium can lead to water retention so it can leave your face looking puffy and it can cause your skin to dry as well, so having the right amount of salt intake can really help your skin as well as having health benefits.

Face and hair masks

Lastly, treat yourself to a hydrating sheet mask for your face and also find a good deep conditioning hair mask that can help your hair feel nice and strong. Just like our body, our hair dries out too so the best way to get that moisture back in is to deep condition it.