It’s getting pretty cold outside and coats are a must for this season. I have found some on-trend coats seen from the runways that you can find similar in high street stores such as Zara, Topshop, H&M and many more. These are just a few examples of what you can get on the high street because of course there’s so much more out there.

1.       Shearling Coat

From left to Right: Topshop £79, Urban Outfitters £69, Zara £149

I like the Shearling coat. It has a very nice aesthetic look to it as well as it looks like it will keep you warm for the cold winter ahead.

2.       Faux Fur Coat

From left to right: H&m £49.99, Topshop £95, Zara £89.99

Faux fur is very much on trend this season. It is sure to keep you warm and there are so many different looks you can create with this coat. You can wear this for daytime but also to parties and other occasions and still look stylish.

3.       Cropped pea coats

From left to right: H&M £49.99, Zara £99.99

I think Pea coats have made a comeback it has kept up with the trend of cropped and I think it looks just as good as a normal Peacoat. It’s very casual and good to wear on the go.

4.       Oversized Coats

From left to right: Zara £59.99, Topshop £110, H&M £49.99

This is my favourite type of coat. It’s very easy to just layer it on top of anything. It has a very casual look. I love the look and I think it can go with anything you wear.

5.       Quilted Coats

From left to right: Zara £89.99, H&M £39.99, New Look £44.99

It is for sure to keep you warm this winter with all that padding. I think the quilted coat has become more fashionable like adding fur trims.