Brows frame the whole face!!

This is a well-known fact by all of us. It’s difficult to maintain beautifully shaped brows. Some of us get it done in a salon whilst others do it at the comfort of our home. Finding great products to use on the eyebrows are just as important, especially when the weather changes or even when some of us have sparse eyebrows. We need products to stay on the face.

So in my local boots store there’s an NYX stand, obviously, I wanted to see what products they have and I bought the NYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil £8.00, NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Gel £6.00 and the NYX Professional Makeup Pro Brush 18 – Dual Brow £9.00I wanted to explore more brow products so I bought it. The colour I chose for my brows was chocolate.

This is what the packaging looks like. This is like all drugstore products in boxes so nothing out of the ordinary.

On the left is the Micro Pencil, it’s double-ended stick with one end the as a pencil and the other end is a Spoolie brush. On the right is the brow gel with the dual brush.

The picture on the left is me without any brow products. My eyebrows are a little bit sparse. What I look for in a brow product is that it stays on my eyebrows no matter the weather and I want something that feels like I don’t have any brow products.

On the right image, I did half of my eyebrows using the brow gel. I did my right eyebrow but to you, it’s your left. It looks quite natural which is good, it has definitely filled in my sparse areas.

This is both of my brows filled in using the gel and I love how it looks. Using the angled brush has given the brows some definition and sharpness. I did have to take my time doing my eyebrows to get the right shape. Also, if you make a mistake you can’t smudge it away you have to use make-up remover because it stays on very well. A little amount of product goes a long way for sure. I would say this product makes my brows look much fuller and defined. This is very affordable. The only downside that is that you have to get the brush separately. But overall it’s a great product to have!!

This next image is me with both brows filled in with the micro pencil. This is the best product out of the two if you want to achieve very natural looking eyebrows. It’s good for on the go when you just want to fill in sparse areas on your brows. This is also good for achieving some definition but again it looks very natural. This product is also very affordable. The only downside of this is that it can smudge easily especially in the heat of the summer if you forget you have brow products on and you accidentally touch your brows you will get it on your nails.