The weather just keeps getting hotter and hotter, it’s not even July yet! We were faced with a back to back heatwave last week, I think we can expect more as we transition into July. Here you will see some products to keep your skin protected.

Sun Cream

With summer approaching fast and the sun making more appearances, sun cream is a must-have! The best SPF to use for fair and light skin is SPF 50, for medium skin SPF 30, and for dark skin SPF 15. Of course, you can apply whichever you prefer, but SPF is how much the sun cream will protect you from the sun, so people who have dark skin would not need as high SPF as fair skinned individuals due to the skin having a lot of melanin which protects skin cells becoming cancerous by absorbing UV radiation.

SPF in Face Cream

Having SPF in face cream is better than applying sun cream on the face because of its heavy consistency and sometimes they can come out oily which is the last thing you want your face to be. You would want something light on your face for the summer.

SPF in Foundation/ BB Cream

It’s a plus to have SPF in our foundations. Even when it’s not summer we are still advised to put on some sun protection and for those like myself, I’d like to have it in my foundation to save time especially in the winter months where I don’t need to have sun protection. BB creams are also great for summer but can be used all year round if you feel like foundations are too heavy for you in the hot weather. BB creams usually have SPF along with other beneficial elements of the skin.

SPF in Lip Balm

Protecting your lips is just as important as protection your face and skin. Upper lips tend to get darker than bottom lips since it reaches the sun first. Just like how our foreheads get tanned first because it reaches the sun first in comparison to our feet.

These are just some tips to do help you protect your skin from the sun.

Stay out of the sun during the hottest times in the day

If you can, stay out of the sun during the hottest times of the day which is usually around midday. Otherwise, it can cause sun damage to the skin. Although if there is no shade or somewhere to go indoors then reapply your sun cream as often and remember to stay hydrated.

Wear a hat

If you are going somewhere that you know won’t have much shade then wear a hat and keep the sun away from the face and eyes and shoulders depending on how big your hat is.

Wear sunglasses

The sun can still damage our eyes so wearing sunglasses is a good way to protect your eyes from the harsh rays.

Re-apply Sun Cream

As advised on all sun protection products reapply your sun cream every 2 hours and when you get out of the pool as well. For more information check the bottles of your sun protection products as they have the best advice.

Apply your after sun creams/sprays/lotions

Not many people think about applying after sun lotions. It helps the skin to gain lost moisture from the sun but it also helps repair skin with its antioxidant ingredients. If you are going on holiday I would advise that you bring along an after sun product to keep the skin in good shape.