Image: Hollywood Reporter

Women In Motions awards celebrates the women who work and have contributed to the film industry, whether they work in front of the camera or behind the scenes. This brings awareness to the women who are under-represented in the industry and there are discussions on how to improve this as well as celebrating the women in the industry.

There were a lot of beautiful gowns from this event. Very elegant and Feminine! I have chosen 4 dresses that stick out to me the most.

1. Charlotte Casiraghi


The dress and the soft hairstyle creates an elegant look the dress is full of floral embellishments with a black belt which creates a definition at the waist. It gives the eye time to look at the dress because there is so much going on and the belt just sections of the top and bottom of the dress. I like how fluid the dress looks like that I mean that is that the dress flows down and trails off Charlotte.

2. Karena Ng


This dress is so interesting because you see that 3 quarters of the dress is made up of light fabrics which gives it a lovely drape, then you get what looks like a velvet fabric that is not so heavy it drags the dress down but not too light as the hem of the dress has some structure. I love the colour combination of this dress but also the accessories that Karena uses.

3. Salma Hayek


Salma Hayek’s dress gives you an illusion that this is a jumpsuit. The black fabric acts as a shadow whilst the grey creates the shape. Only when you look down do you realise it’s a dress. Her pink hair goes very well with the floral embellishments on the bodice.Her butterfly belt sure makes her seem like a pretty butterfly with her sleeves looking like wings.

4. Uma Thurman

charAtelier Versace

Lastly, Uma looks very elegant with the white dress that has thin feathers trailing down her dress. Her make-up is very simple and definitely achieves elegance with soft colours. The curls give her hair that volume and show a contrast to her slim figure. The overall look is gorgeous.