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Ultimate Favourite looks from celebrities.

There were many celebrities who wore amazing dresses to this event such as Alexandra Daddario, Issa Rae, Emma Watson and Hailee Steinfeld, and plus many more. It was hard choosing my top favourite 3 but here they are.

1. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Designer: Jonathan Simkhai

I love the tiny details on this dress from the embellishments to the tassels on the bottom of the dress. It’s a very simple dress but loaded with lots of embellishments. It has a deep v-neckline but because there are details on the top of the dress it draws a lot of attention to the chest area but also the bottom of the dress as it looks like it has tassels and it’s such an interesting feature of the dress.

2. Zendaya

Designer: Zuhair Murad

This is another deep plunged dress. Zendaya executes this dress very well, the simplicity of the hair and makeup goes very well with the dress. The colour of the dress really compliments Zendaya’s skin which is why the whole look goes well together. I love the design and the embellishments on the dress. The sheer fabric is quite daring as well as having a deep plunged neckline but wear it with confidence and you’ll look good in it.

3.  Millie Bobby Brown

Designer: Calvin Klein

A very simple look but very effective. Millie Pairs her dress in white cowboy boots. The simplicity of the looks is very consistent with the minimalist makeup, slick back hair, dress and shoes. She’s a great role model for the younger audience as at the age of 13 you don’t need to be wearing much make-up or any at all. Also, she shows that you don’t need to have so much going on in the look because you still look good with a minimalist look.