For brides that would prefer to do their own make-up, it may take some time to perfect your wedding look so it can be getting the right foundation, getting the right colour of your eye-shadow and many more. But these are the elements that will transform you into a beautiful bride. Taking photographs of your makeup look can help you see what needs to be touched on or what is perfect. Here are just some tips to take into account when creating your bridal look.

1. Long Lasting Foundation 

A long-lasting foundation is very important to use for your big day. You need a foundation that can last you up to hours up till the event finishes, as you will not have much time to touch up your makeup.

2. Camera friendly 

As well as have a long last foundation you need it to be camera friendly. This means that it has to be flash friendly, something that doesn’t give you much shine and if you have an oily t-zone it would be better if you went for an anti-shine foundation if not just make sure to touch up with powder. Another thing to take into account is anything else that will create shine when the camera flashes so that could be the highlighter or if you wear lipgloss try not to overdo it.

3. Primer and Setting Spray

A key product for your foundation and makeup to last longer is using primer and setting spray. This is crucial as you wouldn’t want your makeup to smudge during your big day. So find yourself a good primer and setting spray.

4. Eye-shadow colour

When deciding on the colour of your eye-shadow it would best to keep it natural around the eyes as well as not heavy with eyeliner. Using light hues of pinks browns peaches would be good and as you progress into the evening that is when I would say was appropriate to go a bit darker around the eyes, bearing in mind that you apply darker shades in moderation as you still don’t want to have a heavy eye look.

5. Blusher and Contouring

It’s easy to overdo your contouring and blusher. Make sure to keep these in moderation as you don’t want to overdo the colour as it can be very prominent when photos are taken. Keep in mind if the blush has a shine to it as it may come up when photographs are taken and the same goes for highlighting the face. However, with contouring make sure to keep a light hand when applying so it doesn’t appear too heavy.                       

6. Lip colour

The best lip colours to go for is something that looks natural and adds just a slight hint of colour. You can then change this up as the event goes on. If you had a slightly darker eye makeup I would suggest going for a light natural shades vice versa if you had lighter eye makeup then you may go for darker shades for the lips. Unless of course, you would like to make a statement, but otherwise it would be best to balance out the make-up look. If you wear lipgloss keep in mind of the shine it can have when photographs are taken but also how messy it can get if your hair gets in the way.