We are always trying to come up with colour combinations for our eyes but this spring peach is a dominant colour to use. It gives a fresh and youthful look to the face, as well as adding a pop of colour to the eyes. These are just two very subtle Peachy make up looks to go with for this spring.

If you are feeling bold enough then try adding gloss to the eyelids to enhance the look even more. Both of these women have very natural looking make-up and almost has two colours on the face instead of piling on the colours like they say less is more.

Trying to look for a peachy or an orange tone of eyeshadow is rather difficult to find in the store so these are just a few high-end makeup products to look at in store if you would like to recreate the eye looks above. A popular palette is the Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette by Too Faced which is £39.00 and M.A.C’s eyeshadow palette Warm Neutral which is £49.50.