Coachella is a great place for people to see the inspiration for hairstyles as well as make-up ideas that we can use for summer. So I’ve put a few interesting trends to be seen at Coachella. It’s easy to try these makeup trends and for some, you just need practice.

1. Bright coloured lids and mascara

Since we are in Spring season it’s a great way to start Spring, nice and bright. Also by adding that colour pop gets you more into the mood of Spring as well as ready for the festival.

2. Glitter lids and lips

I think that this is a really fun trend that brings out our inner child. This is also probably one of the messiest trends that requires a lot of patience to keep each glitter in place.

3. Glossy lids and lips

This would probably be my least favourite as I’m not a big fan of gloss but I do think that it does look good. It’s a better alternative to having glitter lids or lips as you still get that shimmer and gloss. I would say that it’s less messy that glitter in the sense of putting it on but if anything does get stuck on the lids or lips that can be a messy situation.

4. Unicorn inspiration

Last but not the least, the Unicorn inspired the make-up look. I feel that this has been an interest of a lot of young teens but hasn’t become a full-on trend, unlike the unicorn hair colour trend. This one I would say requires a lot of practices to get that smooth blend of colours but also getting the small details correctly as it is drawn on top of the makeup, so you have to get it right.