These are just a few hair colour trends that are happening this year and has been on trend from last year. It’s more colourful and fun than the past years. All these colour trends require hair dyes as well as bleach so just keep in mind it is damaging to the hair. Just remember to add nourishment to your hair by having hair treatments, hair masks and oils as well as condition the hair to keep it nice, soft and shiny.

1. Balayage 

This is the gradual highlighting of the hair and it gives it a really nice natural looking effect. I would say this is easier to achieve with lighter hair , brunettes and other hair colours except really dark to black hair.

2.   Colour Melting

Colour melting is where the coloured hair is blended well to the roots or the base colour of the hair so that it looks fluid. This look as achievable to a wide range of hair colours.

3. Denim

This is dyeing your hair to the colour of denim, well similar colour to denim and by using the technique as you use for balayage it can give an almost natural look as some parts of the hair is highlighted from the sun and light.I think that this is a really nice touch of colour but I think this quite a hard look to pull off, but as long as you have the confidence you can make it work for you.

4. Rose Gold

I am loving this hair colour, its almost like a blend of a peachy colour and rose gold. Again I think you can make this hair colour work for you by changing up how dark you want it or how light you would like it to be. Just make sure to consult your hair stylist or hair dressers to see what they think.

5.Silver Blend

This is another awesome hair colour that has been a trend since last year and still on going. I think this is one of the few hair colours that suits most people if not everyone. This does however require bleaching and depending on how dark or light you want your hair to be it could require a lot of bleaching.