Since summer is over I wanted to highlight my favourite hair and makeup trends that were on the Spring/summer catwalk. Some of these you might even be able to incorporate into your everyday routine. These are just a few trends to mention of course there are many more.

Cornrows and Braids

Credit Indigital

These are both great hairstyle trends down the catwalk. It gives elegance but also an edge to the outfit that the model is wearing. I think these hairstyles are great for an everyday look, keeps the hair away but still looking styled up.

Loose + Wavy

Credit Indigital

This hairstyle was a very common look during catwalks. It creates a romantic and feminine vibe. Not only that but it looks effortless and easy to recreate.

Glitter eyeliner

Credit Indigital

I love the pop of shimmer on the eyes, it’s a great balance of colour on the face and it gives the eyes more attention. What I mean by a balance of colour is that the model’s face is natural it’s not packed with colour that can make it a bit too much.

Brushed up brows

Credit Indigital

I think brows for me are what takes the longest time to perfect, but these brows are so natural and it creates a femme fatale look. I would say that it’s very daring as most of us like to keep our eyebrows tamed but it makes you seem confident. It’s very easy to do and looks natural.

Long Lashes

Credit Indigital

Who would’ve thought spidery lashes would look good! These are 10 times better than what spidery lashes look like, compacted with mascara! Not sure about having this look on an everyday basis tho!

Fresh + Natural Face

Credit Indigital and James Cochrane

This is the most common look you will see on the runways. It’s natural and effortless! It sends a message that you don’t have to be full of makeup to look pretty, you look just as good in your own skin. Of course, there are some that wear make-up and still looks natural, and it’s a great everyday look too!

Block colour eyeshadow

Credit James Cochrane

This is an interesting look but it works! Just the same as the glitter eyeliner there is a great balance in colour. It is applied near the crease of your eyes and near to the brow bone. Why this works is because of the amount of colour applied anymore could possibly look very odd, also the precision of the shape is well executed! However, I wouldn’t think this would be something you would wear on a daily basis.