From left to right: Bourjois 05 Brun bohéme, M.A.C AC4 Real Redhead, Rimmel 810 One-of-a-kind, M.A.C AA3 Punk Couture and Maybelline 975 Divine wine.

Autumn is coming to an end and what a great way to end the season looking gorgeous with these lipsticks. The latest lipstick trends for this season is not only about the dark berry reds! It’s also about the purples, pinks and the neutrals. I’ve collated a top 5 of my favourite lipsticks a mixture from high end to drugstore brands.

Let’s start off with Boujois! I love the colour it’s a mix of pink and brown. The application of the lipstick is good, it glides on the lips really easily and the concave shape of the tip allows an all over coverage as your lips have a curve to it. It has a slight shimmer to it but I
like how the colour isn’t too bold.

This season isn’t all about the dark colours, I absolutely love this colour by M.A.C, there is a slight shimmer to it but even so, it pairs really well with light make-up as opposed to heavy make-up. This lipstick glides on easily and has a slight balmy feel to it as other lipsticks can be drying to the lips.

One of the first two things I noticed about Rimmel’s One-of-a-kind lipstick was that it had a faint floral smell, not that I mind but I was interested in the fact. I love the vampy colour of this lipstick, it has a buildable application which is great! But wearing this lipstick just gives you a boost of confidence!

This is the darkest colour in my top 5 favourites. This goes so well with the winged eyeliner, maybe because that has an edgy look to it as well as the colour of the lipstick so I think it pairs very well together. When applying the lipstick I would suggest using a lip liner first to give it a sharp look afterwards and also apply a little bit of lip balm as this dries out the
lips. However, it is very pigmented, bold and it gives a matte finish which is why I love it!

Last of all Maybelline’s Dive wine, what a classy name for a lipstick! Even the packaging looks good, the silver tube with the slightly transparent greyish lid. This collection is by colour sensational a new collection to the many editions of Maybelline. What I love about this lipstick is that it has a matte finish. The colour truly does remind you of red wine it is rich in colour and it doesn’t dry out the lips.