How To Create The Perfect Eyebrows For Yourself

Eyebrows are one of those things that you just have to perfect unless you’re born with perfect eyebrows.  Just to remind you and for those who are exploring eyebrow shapes they are meant to be sisters they won’t look exactly the same and symmetrical so don’t worry about that aspect.

Here is the way to get the perfect eyebrow shape for you.

Groom your brows and take a look at your eyebrows and analyze them, which is your highest points and what shape does it make naturally. The best eyebrows are where you follow the natural shape of your eyebrows.

Here is mine. To help you sculpt your perfect brows follow these steps.

Firstly, figure out where your eyebrows start. Usually, it should start where the outside of your nose is. If you drew an imaginary line or better use a light colored eye pencil it’ll help you create an outline.

Secondly, know where the highest point of your brows is. If you look straight ahead move your pencil to the outer part of your eye this should be the highest point.

Lastly, to know where your eyebrows should stop place the pencil on the outer corner of your eye.

You can then figure out how thick or thin you want it and draw your outline this should help you create your eyebrow shape and experiment before plucking them. Once you have your eyebrow shape fill it in. Start working with pencil or whichever you are comfortable with and then make light strokes. When filling in eyebrows make sure you don’t fill in the inner portion instead try and fade it in so that it looks natural. So this is what my eyebrows look like afterward, on the second and third photo I used concealer to help it have more definition and make it look clean. I hope you manage to achieve your perfect brows!!

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