Summer Shorts With Ruffles

Ruffles have been quite big this summer from tops with ruffled sleeves to trousers that have ruffled waistbands. I wanted to create something similar but with shorts.

Step 1

I drafted out the shorts pattern from my trousers block, along with the other patterns that I needed for the short.

Step 2

I ironed out the fabric that I will use as it is essential that it is flat and non-creased as the pattern will not be the same otherwise.

Step 3 

I then pinned the patterns onto the fabric. Make sure your patterns are parallel to the grain line.

Step 4

Cut out the patterns from the fabrics.

Step 5

Overedge the sides of the short patterns both front and back to neaten them before you sew the pieces together. Leave the top and bottom edges raw.

Step 6

Before sewing any of the pieces, it’s better to start off with the zip as it’s easier to do so. I wanted my zip to be on the side seam so I used the pattern pieces for the right leg both front and back. I sew the invisible zip in first before I closed the seam. 

Step 7

I then sew the side seam, the front and back rise seams. Afterwards, I sew the crotch at the bottom.

Step 8

To get the ruffles on the short I started by sewing the waistband with both right sides of the fabrics together.

Step 9

I ironed the waistband so that it remains flat and that the edges are sharp. I then gathered the waistband enough so that it fits around the shorts.

Step 10 

I checked the fit of the shorts again and they seemed a little bit big so I added a pleat to both front pieces.

Step 11

I pinned the waistband and the top of the shorts together before I overedged the pieces together.

Step 12

I wanted to have belt loop on my shorts so I created some and sew it on the shorts.

Step 13

Lastly, I overedged the bottom of the shorts to neaten it up and then I used a blind hem stitch to hide the stitches.

Overall they turned out very well, although if I could have done something differently I would have added interfacing to the waistband to give it more structure.

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