High neck top with checked fabric

Using the same pattern from before but using different pattern pieces to create this checked high neck top. I followed most of the instructions that were in the packet but for some stages, I did it my own way.

Step 1

Firstly, cut all the pattern pieces needed to make this garment. For one of the patterns, you have to iron on the interfacing before doing anything else. Afterwards, add where the tailor tacks are needed.

Step 2

Using a sewing machine stitch the shoulder seams together.

Step 3

Stitch the two pattern pieces for the collar just at the top where it will sit on the neck. Place the fabric right sides together.

Step 4

Pin the collar with the interfacing on to the neckline of the garment and sew.

Step 5

Place the zip where it needs to be and pin it down. Then change the foot of the machine to a standard zip foot and stitch. Then changing the foot of the machine again to a normal foot, stitch the back seam to close it.

Step 6 

Finally, for the collar fold and iron the other half of the collar to the other side to make it easier to sew. Fold the collar back so both right sides of the fabric are touching and sew down the collar so encase the zip tops and do this to the other side. Trim a bit of the edge and then flip the fabric so it’s the right way up then fold in the excess fabric at the bottom of the collar and encase it in between the wrong sides of the fabric and dip stitch.

Step 7 

Next, I pinned the sleeve to the armhole and straight stitched along for both sleeves.

Step 8

I then stitched the side seams for the sleeve and the top so that it was neater on the inside making sure you match the seams of the sleeve from when you stitched earlier.

Step 9

Finally, to finish off the hem and the ends of the sleeves I did a double turn hem.

This top was very easy and straightforward to make, just like the other top that I had made using the same pattern just different pattern pieces.

Here are some photos of me wearing the top which I paired with a fur coat, an A-line skirt and a pair of heeled brown ankle boots.



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