Creating a high neck top using very easy vogue pattern

This is very fitting of the season with the long sleeves and the high neck collar.  I wanted to play around and test my sewing skills. This pattern was bought from John Lewis for £12.00 the sizes are dependent on the measurements of the bust, waist and hips.

This pattern comes with instructions, however in some stages, I did them as to how I had learnt it in lectures, but it still has the same outcome.

Step 1

First of all, I cut the size I needed the pattern to be, make sure to read the instructions on the paper given with the pattern as this will give you information if there are seams added or not, it will also tell you what components you may need as well.

Step 2

Place the patterns in the most economical way so you don’t waste any fabric and make sure to read the patterns as it tells you if it needs to be placed on a fold or have two pieces.

Step 3

Cut all the pattern pieces and make sure you cut the notches shown away from the pattern, not into the pattern or you will end up with a hole. It’s very important not to forget to mark the notches as this is to help you to match parts together.

Step 4

Mark the darts with the tailor tacks and carefully pull the fabric apart and cut the thread between two fabrics.

Step 5

Sew the shoulder seams together, then match the notches of the collar to the neckline and sew. Add lining to the collar if needed.

Step 6

Sew a closed zip into place and sew the side seams.

Step 7

Match the notches of the sleeve to the armhole and pin down as it can get fiddly then sew into place.

Step 8

Lastly hem the sleeve and the top and you’re done.

This is a very basic garment to make, very easy to follow and good for those who are beginners. As I have mentioned earlier I didn’t follow the instructions fully. I do like how this turned out, next time I will use the same pattern pieces but a different design with different fabrics for more experimentation. Here are photos were taken of me wearing the top.

I paired this top with an oversized coat as I thought this would look good. I like the contrast of the plain colour from the top and the pattern on the coat. Down below are just photos of me wearing the top without the coat.


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