Dress to Crop top

I found this dress in my wardrobe but I feel that it looks a bit outdated, however, I love the print and since floral prints are in most if not every spring season I decided to change the look of this dress. I thought that crop tops are always in style I decided to change this dress into a crop top. Down below are the steps as to how I changed this dress to a crop top.

Step 1

Firstly I put the dress on my model to get a good idea where I should crop the dress.

Step 2

There was already a seam at where I wanted to crop the dress so instead of cutting the dress I unpicked the seams to give me the crop top.

Step 3

I was going to hem the edge where I unpicked the top and skirt but it looked too plain for me so I decided I wanted scalloped edges instead and I think it brings out the floral print even more.

Step 4

Afterwards, I cut close to the stitches to create the scalloped edge.

Step 5

I didn’t like how the straps were on the top so I decided to change it up. So I marked where the straps originally were and then unpicked the straps from the back and sew the straps down opposite sides to create a criss-cross back.

Step 6

After I sew the straps I put the top back onto my model to see how it looks but it looked too small so I decided to recreate the traps with the excess fabric I had from the skirt and drafted the length and width of the straps by unpicking the original strap and measuring the length and width.

Step 7

After I cut out the fabrics I folded the piece of fabric so the right sides were together. I stitched down on the small edge then after I stitched the longest edge, I left one small edge to be open so I can turn the fabric the right way then hand stitched it closed. I did the same with the second fabric. I didn’t like that the straps weren’t staying in place so I topstitched one edge down. Afterwards, I just hand stitched the straps in the marked areas.

Final outcome


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