Dress to Shirt

Sometimes we just find unused clothes that we buy but never wear. So my sister was going to throw away this dress but it feels like such a waste to throw away so I decided to transform into something else. Unfortunately, I didn’t photograph the dress so I can’t really show a before and after but these are the steps to transforming the dress into a shirt.

Step 1 I cut the dress to the length my sister wanted bearing in mind that I made sure to add a seam allowance at the bottom as I will hem the edge to neaten it up.


Step 2 

To neaten the edge you can overlock using an overlocker, pinking shears or zigzag stitch the edge which is what I did then trimmed the excess fabric.

Step 3

I hemmed the edge using a straight stitch by folding the edge to the seam allowance. I chose a dark coloured thread so it wouldn’t show up on the shirt.

Step 4 

I tried the shirt on my sister but she didn’t like the length of the sleeve so I turned in the sleeves and sew it down using a straight stitch.

Step 5

To add a little bit of design to the top I folded the fabric in the middle at the top and hand stitched the fabrics together. Afterwards, I turned the shirt inside out and cut the fabric that peeked out in half and stitched each bit to the shirt to flatten it out. Then I turned the shirt back and ironed it to get rid of any wrinkles.

Then that’s it! All that is needed now is to create an outfit with this top!!

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